Welcome to Link Sys Community Network

We, the users of the Link Sys Community Network, offer the following services:

  • Public Internet access
  • simple to use essid (it's 'linksys')
  • 'soft security', allowing for faster access to software updates & configuration changes by public users

    Breaking news about linksyscommunitynetwork.com!

    Our newest super node!!

    Our super node sports three amplifiers stacked, to provide a large coverage area.

    Link Sys Node FAQ:

    How do I become a member?
    Well, you might currently be a member.
    Are there nefarious, competing networks I should be leary of?
    Yes. In particular unsuspecting users are often duped by the so-called "default" community network. It is important to be on the lookout for these subversives.
    Should I report "default" community network nodes to the authorities?
    No. You should follow the directions below to set them strait.
    How do I fix a "default" community network node?
    Just point your broswser to it's IP address, usually You'll be asked for a username which should be set to "admin" and a password which you also set to "admin" to get started. Once you do this, you'll want to find the field that says "default" and type "linksys" in there. Click the "submit" button and things should be ready to go.
    Yo, I git dat, but need info in my native language.
    B. Ray Cho from the Irvine branch has translated this page for us.
    How do I contact my fellow members?
    We'll have forums up shortly! Check back here for updates?
    Who's fault is this?
    We have no idea.
    Is this at all related to linksys.com?
    No! This is a parody, silly goose!
    How do I contact the owner of this site?
    Email here